Island Design.

Having received a grant to produce a body of work for Grunt gallery in Vancouver, BC I found a beautiful little studio cottage in the Magic Lake sub-district of Pender Island BC and decided to move there for the next year to delve into research and production.

Like in any small community a part of the culture on Pender Island includes Community boards- informational kiosks set up as bulletin boards for people to post everything from services to items for sale, event posters and other information.

Living and working part time between my Vancouver and Pender studios I put together a sort of street art promotional project in order to better engage with the business community.

The poster features a painting by Josh Keyes which I appropriated for this usage as Pender maintains the duality of a somewhat rural/ urban quality to its landscape, so much so that there are signs warning the deer population to watch for car crossings.

In Chicago, circa 2002, while touring with the "...but I will Remain" Memorial Johnny Cash art exhibit I curated I found myself in discussion with a fellow marketing professional over a drink at The Black Beetle. The topic was the decline of impact printed advertising was having at that time and the need to innovate.

This is something that has always stuck with me and is equally something I try an implement into all of my projects, this one included.
The Printed concept featured a DIY approach which
supplied a Pentel fine-liner pen, pre-cut tear away tabs with a perforated tear away base.