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ROADHOUSE GALLERY :: Branding project.

Malahat: Roadhouse Gallery & Artist Residency  presents within a two stage-branding platform.
In its inception it finds its fruition through the invitation of artists able to contribute to it’s development by way of physical, conceptual and or virtual building assistance; inviting artists to spend a week staying on grounds in the production of their own work as well as the contribution to the project’s foundation.
Coinciding with its location on the Malahat highway, both the gallery/ artist’s residence and the thoroughfare share a present stasis of development which drives the AIR’s first stage of branding in the adoption of a pylon logo along with other constructive elements.

Once through it’s initial stage of development, the AIR’s branding will take on a three-tier aspect.
Maintaining it’s letterhead approach in the dividing of it’s programming; the main logo switches to a directional street sign representational of it’s location and the “traveling to” aspect of it’s events and residency.

Corresponding with the completion of the AIR’s final stage of development, it’s gallery will extend beyond the exhibition of artists in residence in the invitation of guest curated projects and events; from static visual arts (painting, photography, sculpture, assemblage and drawing) to performance arts (dance, video, theater etc.) These events will be branded separately under the same main umbrella encompassed within its letterhead design and adopting a diversified logo representation by way of a semiotic relevance in graphical association.
IE: In house curated and artist in residence exhibitions will follow suit under the RH GALLERY branding while guest curated exhibits and presentations will be designated by ROADHOUSE ARTS branding.

RH Gallery branding features a monogramed logo and the umbrella letterhead treatment...

...while Roadhouse Arts branding associates a window frame logo representing the in house directorial team looking outwards for the association of talent in the invitation for exhibition, the window iconography also representing the invitational aspect for the public to view these presentations by way of opening reception and walk in/ special appointment viewings.



Pender Island Client, Alt Collective, contacted WM to do a Facebook event  header for their Post X-Mas Market (below.)
-As this very talented and organized collective expands to include a variety of exhibits within the new year WM has also contributed to developing their branding (above) as well as having taken on the general content creation and management of their Facebook page::



FUCards by Papercutline launched X-Mas 2013 with the help of WMCreative.
We bring their concepts into design reality.

-Greeting card design
-Branding and logo development
-Crowd funding campaigns
-Video development
to simply managing and monitoring their Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest and Facebook page::

With the help of WMCreative - FUCards aims to be the biggest thing in household nics and nacks since rubber Smurf figurines.



Presented by the Pender "Speakeasy Group"- I was hired on an open concept to develop representational graphic content for a collaborative exhibition which paired the writing of one artist with the visual representation of another and vice versa.

The project called for a flier and poster for VERSE & VISION (seen here.)

The end product was the mashing of relative signifiers between both mediums of expression; utilizing the tools and relative historical aspects in composition and conjunction with each other in order to convey an equal relativity between the two practices.


Bay Residency program.

In the founding of the Morning Bay winery Bay Residency program I was required to develop the marketing materials, writing content and blog space for the project.

The residency program being hosted on an island directed the project's marketing collateral within a tourism theme.
Instead of rack cards or typical hand-bills I developed post cards for the opening receptions enabling both locals and tourists alike the opportunity to reach out to friends and family off island. This aspect also enabled the extended opportunity for promotion and exposure of the residency program, winery and contributing artists.

The front (above left) features a selected work of the artist in residency on (matt coated) cougar stock paper.
While the back of the post-card closely adheres to Canda-Post mail standards for layout and is un-coated to allow for writing.
The back also hosts the cover image's title and media information in the lower left corner of the card below the exhibition info.
Located on the right hand side of the card a 'To' address field.


Planet Claire Merchandising Tags

Stylist Claire Lindsay Burke hired me to mock-up mechandising tags for her.

The front features a glossy coating while the back was left un-coated.
The un-coated option allows for handwritten information on the back expanding tag usage across multiple products.

The below (client photo) was taken from a pop-up sale at the Hasting Racetrack in Vancouver, BC.